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Zaid Hussain

Welcome to the Hikmah International School. It has been our effort to deliver high quality international education and a splendid learning environment that is innovative, challenging and resourceful. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the right values, morals and attitude towards building a truly accountable generation to come. Philosophies and practices at Hikmah Schools are inspired by the teachings and characteristics of the best teacher to humanity Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), which help us to imbibe a high degree of responsibility, a sense of respect for others and our environment.

Our students come from different walks of life and their parents bring with them high ambitions and a dream that their children make a difference to the world. We look forward to nurture that very dream by instilling our students with the perfect blend of confidence, academics, compassion & respect in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. We inspire creativity in everything they do through intellectual reason and help them gain a truly all-encompassing perspective. We help them realise their strengths and thereby be confident in life and as a global citizen, appreciate their core values, tradition and culture.

Our creative learning environment, supportive learning team and innovative practices help students become professionally competent individuals. I welcome you to an ever-growing family. In shaa Allah, you will cherish the experience of being part of Hikmah International School.


Zaid M Hussain

Founder & CEO
Hikmah Schools


About Me

After finishing my Masters in Finance and Alhamdulilah having a corporate work experience of about 11 years as CFO & CEO Allah blessed me with an Islamic Center which eventually became the reason of venturing into schools. My focus has always been to provide high quality standards in what ever I venture into.


Islamic Education:-

I have studied the Jr. Alim Course from Ibn Qiyyum Research Center and studied the Diploma in Usool- ul- Hadith. I have also studied the Diploma in Dawah training from the Prestigious Islamic Online University of Dr. Bilal Philips. I am currently pursuing Arabic studies and an Alim Course.


My Teachers:-

Shaikh Mohammad Abdullah an Alim and Masters in Arabic language from the famous & Prestigious Al Azhar University in Egypt.

Dr. Habeebullah Khan an Alim from Prestigious Islamic University of Madinah along with PhD from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.