Fostering generations entrenched on moral values and inspired learning to create truly capable and compassionate global citizens.

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Hikmah International School admission process is simple and transparent. We believe that every child is special and has a unique distinctive character.

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Our approach takes into consideration the age of the children and adopts a balanced approach at the kindergarten level.

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The involvement of parents is one of the most important factors in the total development of a child.

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Parents Testimonials

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An impeccable embodiment of Quality Education endorsed with an Islamic vision of Peace and Universal brotherhood!

Razila Farzeen

The Seamless place to be, for attaining wisdom and success in this world while amassing heaps of benefits for the Akhirah!. -Hikmah International School

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  • There is a brilliant child locked inside each student

  • Welcome to the Hikmah International School website. As you read through the pages,you will get a feel of the vibrancy and strength of our institution to impart knowledge with a difference. Our vision for each child is to give the best of Academics and Islamic values for all phases of life so they achieve the best of both the worlds.

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Teachers Training
Teachers Training

Our faculty undergo rigorous training throughout the year, that helps them to enhance their teaching skills, communication skills, subject knowledge & deal with child psychology.

Parents Sports Meet
Orientation for Parents

Orientation for parents will be held on July 1st 2017, In Sha Allah.

Field Trips
Collection of Books

The distribution of books for the academic year 2017-2018 will be on 29th & 30th June 2017.

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News & Events

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Exciting events and activities for the month of August 2017.

Educational Trips

August 2017

03th - Grade 2 - Bannerghatta National Park

Bake My Day

August 2017

08th - Pre. KG - Tri colour Veg Sandwich
07th - Jr.KG - Tri colour Veg Sandwich
11th - Sr.KG - Tri colour Veg Sandwich
17th - Grade 1 - Mug Brownies
10th - Grade 2 - Tri colour sandwich
16th - Grade 3 - Double Decker Sandwich
18th - Grade 4 - Smoked Chicken Sandwich
23th - Grade 5 - Coconut Laddoos

Dental Camp

August 2017

10th - Pre. KG - Dental Camp
10th - Jr.KG - Dental Camp
10th - Sr.KG - Dental Camp
09th - Grade 1 - Dental Camp
09th - Grade 2 - Dental Camp
09th - Grade 3 - Dental Camp
09th - Grade 4 - Dental Camp
09th - Grade 5 - Dental Camp

Country Day

August 17, 2017

Pre. KG - Incredible India
Jr.KG - Incredible India
Sr.KG - Incredible India
Grade 1 - Incredible India
Grade 2 - Incredible India
Grade 3 - Incredible India
Grade 4 - Incredible India
Grade 5 - Incredible India


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